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Interesting Embroidery Related Links

Jenny Adin-Christie, Based in England, Royal School of Needlework (RSN) trained embroiderer.  Jenny specialises in Stumpwork, Ayreshire and fine Whitework.  She has kits you can purchase and she travels around the world to teach.

Tanja Berlin, based in Canada.  Tanja designs pieces in a variety of embroidery techniques.  You can purchase kits or materials from her.

Hazel Blomkamp, based in South Africa.  Hazel specialises in Crewel and beaded work.  She has published two books to date and has a website where you can order her books or kits and a blog where you can read about her stitching.

Trish Burr, based in Zimbabwe.  Trish specialises in Thread painting.  She has published a variety of books and you can buy kits and books from her.  Trish teaches around the world

Michelle Carragher, based in England.  Michelle is a costume designer on shows such as Game of Thrones and films such as Elizabeth 1.  She creates sumptuous costumes which are embellished with incredible embroidered details.

Mary Corbet, based in U.S.A.  Mary runs a regular blog.  She posts on all things embroidery daily.  Here you will find book and product reviews.  Along with patterns or projects you can stitch along with and also videos of how to create most stitches.

Jo Dixey, based in New Zealand.  Jo is a RSN trained embroiderer.  She teaches throughout New Zealand and has a blog you can follow.

Jane Nicholas based in Australia.  Jane specialises in Stumpwork and has produced eight beautiful books to date showing different aspects of Stumpwork to create yourself.  She teaches around the world.

Yvette Stanton, based in Australia.  Yvette specialises in different forms of Whitework.  She has written seven books to date with five of them being whitework embroidery from different regions in the world.  Yvette teaches around the world.

Di Van Nierkirk, based in South Africa.  Di specialises in Silk Ribbon Embroidery.  She has written seven books on silk ribbon embroidery.

Sharon B’s Pintangle, based in Australia.  Sharon has all sorts of stitching inspiration here.  she has an ongoing Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) programme in which you can experiment with one stitch every Tuesday.  She also has interesting information on Hand Embroidering Crazy Patch blocks

Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn, based in England.  These ladies are textile artists who play with stitches and create interesting interpretations.  They have books and dvds available to extend your creativity.

Anna Scott Embroidery, based in Australia.  Anna is part of the Inspirations Magazine team.  She has an embroidery blog detailing her embroideries.

Inspirations Magazine, based in Australia.  This is a quarterly magazine filled with embroidery patterns to try.  It is published in Australia and has some historical information as well as beautiful embroideries to recreate.  You can buy kits from the publishers or gather the materials yourself.