Southern Regional Exhibition 2017

“Paua and Pearls” – Ivy Pollard Memorial Award

Ann Campbell – Flower of Pearl


Jenny Madill – Paua Shell


Beverly Helen Pluck – Dragon from Down Under


Christine Whitaker – The Graceful Seahorse


Robyn Ashton – Window on a Mermaid’s Garden


Eleanor Wilson – Ocean Beauty. Winner of the Ivy Pollard Memorial Award

“New Zealand Themed Embroidered Bag” – Miss Moran Award

Betty Twaddle – Harakeke. Joint winner of the Miss Moran Award


Barbara Smith – Secrets of the Forest. Joint winner of the Miss Moran Award


“Kiwiana Theme” – Miniature Award

Kaikoura – What a fluke – Barbara Smith. Winner of the Miniature Award


Pam Mackenzie – Dog and Wal


Pam Clay – Six Sided Dice.


Gay Downing – Wool – Ode to the Kiwi Farmer!

Sue Lucas – Jandals


Sue Lucas – Heitiki


Sue Lucas – Kete


Sue Lucas – Silver Fern


Sue Lucas – Chocolate Fish


Eleanor Wilson – Frond and Fern


“A Walk Through A New Zealand Garden” – Contemporary

Anne Jacquiery – A Walk in the Garden. Contemporary Award


Kath Cole – Rusted Bird Cushion.


Kath Cole – Jewelled Gecko


Kath Cole – Rusted Fern Cushion


Kath Cole – Ferns 2


Jeanette Trotman – From My Garden


Sharon Evans – The Visitor


Barbara Smith – A Walk in the New Zealand Garden


Liz Fleming – The Calm before the Storm


Hazel’s Garden – Sue Lucas. Viewer’s Choice Award


Mary Flaherty – Rata Flower (Metrosideros umbellata)


Aggie O’Leary – Magical Horses


“New Zealand Native Creepy Crawlies” – 3-Dimensional

Barbara Smith – Natures Wonder


Amy Baker – A Walk in the Woods. First Time Entrant Award


Sue Lucas – Boulder Copper Butterfly. Category Award Winner

“Anything Goes” – Open Award


Val Hill – Brown Owl


Gail Higgs – Intro to Hardanger


Gail Higgs – Hearts Delight


Kath Cole – Rainbow Cushion


Kath Cole – Silver Flower


Kath Cole – Poppy Field 1


Kath Cole – Poppy Field 2


Kath Cole – Black Beaded Zipper


Kath Cole – Red Beaded Zipper


Kath Cole – Beaded Cell


Kath Cole – Blue Scissor Keep


Kath Cole – Red Beaded Cuff


Kath Cole – Green Scissor Keep


Jan Wilson – Aesthetic Contemplation


Jan Wilson – Transient


Gay Downing – Notebooks and Name Brooch


Gay Downing – The Magic of Monet’s Garden. Judges Award


Sharon Evans – Letter Home


Jan Gibb – You Have Been Invited to a Masquerade Ball


Jan Gibb – Hidden in the Bush


Pam Clay – My Treasure Box


Meg Brasell-Jones – The Other Parent


Nikki Mortimer – Cellphone Cover


Nikki Mortimer – Hot Water Bottle Warmer


Amy Baker – Gareth Morgan On Cats
Hand stitched portrait of Gareth Morgan on Felted cat fur


Janine Smith – Welcome to the Parlour. Judges Award


Irene McDiarmid – Sampler Cushion


Eunice McLeod – Hardanger Sampler


Eunice McLeod -Deruta


Eunice McLeod – Hidden Delights


Eunice McLeod – Santa Stocking


Eunice McLeod – Santa’s Train


Eunice McLeod – New Zealand Stamp Design


Mary Flaherty – Rememberance – Flanders Poppy
Open Award “Anything Goes”


Mary Flaherty – Sweetheart Bag


Mary Flaherty – Gift Bag


Judy Mason – Edwardian Lady


Judy Mason – Purple Passion


Judy Mason – Flutter


Judy Mason – Garden in Full Bloom


Betty Twaddle – Four Seasons


Antonella Condliffe – Holey Treasurer


Antonella Condliffe – Hardanger Doily


Antonella Condliffe – Emma


Robin Aitken – Island Impressions


Children’s Section “Own Choice”

Asheika Brasell – Pet Rock


Katiya Brasell – Pet rock. Children’s Award


Flynn Lucas – L-Loyd the Yeti