Christmas Decoration Club 2016

Christmas Decoration Club – 2016

Each month from February until October a new pattern will be released which has been designed by your fellow Guild members.

  • Choose to do 1 pattern for the year, all of them or none. It is your choice.
  • The pattern will be available to collect at the meeting for that month.
  • All patterns must be ordered and paid for by the end of the previous months’ meeting for printing requirements. They cost $6 each. There will be no extras available on the pick-up day.
  • You will need to supply your own materials to create the design.
  • The following month either the designer or representative will be available to help with problems or finishing. This will be an informal period after lunch on the Saturday meetings so the designers can stitch at other projects if they wish.
  • All of the Decorations will appear at the Meetings, Website and Chainstitch ahead of time for you to view.
  • Please contact me Sue Lucas, if you need help with sourcing materials or wish to order a pattern.

© Please respect your Guild members and do not share their designs with others. Patterns are available to all Otago Guild Members